On this page we will be publishing recorded music to demonstrate our instruments within a quality audio capture.

We start with an instrumental rendition of “Out of the Black” by the magnificent Royal Blood, played on our 3-string license plate resonator in the key of F.

Royal Blood cover version by Salvage Sounds

Music written by Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher

Performed and produced by Salvage Sounds

Buy “Royal Blood” the album or listen to the original version on Spotify


Below is our radio interview given at the Paddle Round The Pier Beach Festival, featuring a short snippet of both our 2-string fretless canjo and 3-string pencil case strumstick.

Salvage Sounds at Paddle Round The Pier


For a fuller demonstration of the musical capabilities and range of our 3-string pencil case strumstick here is a rough-and-ready rendition of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” recorded at the facilities of Northbrook MET.

Pencil Case Strumstick and Mixing Console


But what would an “orchestra” of our pencil case strumsticks sound like? Here is a “string quintet” arrangement of the song Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins, featuring only our easy-to-play, 3 nylon string, 7 fret instrument design in a 5-piece ensemble.

Pencil Case Strumstick Quintet


This is how our 3-string license plate resonator guitars can sound in a live band setting (and with a cleaner tone to the demonstration of the same instrument at the top of this page).

Jamming on a version of Chicken Coop Blues by Mike Snowden, this session was recorded with the students and staff of Northbrook Metropolitan College at their excellent multi-million complex.

(Listen carefully and you will catch our popular fretless slide canjo in the background)

Salvage Sounds at Northbrook