Our aluminium Salvage Sounds Starter Slide is a great value guitar slide.  Each is individually engraved with its unique number of issue.  If you have a request for a particular number that may be of special significance, let us know and we may have it available.

The slides are around 5 cm in length so are suitable also for a conventional 6-string guitar, in addition to our own range of instruments.  There is some variance in size (approx +/- 5 mm) and we order our metal slides in ascending length before engraving, so please bear that in mind if requesting specific numbers – or if wanting a slide on the slightly smaller or slightly larger side.

Metal guitar slide from our series of Salvage Sounds slides

We have two diameter size options available: “Standard” (pictured) which is approximately 19mm internal diameter and typically sits resting above the finger knuckle, or “Jumbo” which is approximately 22mm internal diameter for a looser a fit, usually around the whole finger.  Can’t decide which size to choose?  Try both with a discount for any two metal slides purchased, whether the same or different sizes.

Note that we include a complementary Starter Slide with each instrument purchased (Standard supplied unless otherwise requested).

Any 2 for £4
Delivery (UK mainland) £1.95


Add a touch of glass to your slide playing with our Bottleneck Slide.  These are recycled from wine bottles which we believe have the optimum wall thickness, with the glass of beer bottles being a little too thin and fragile in our opinion.  Glass offers a different sound to metal… warmer and more resonant.  The super smooth surface of glass providing a similarly super smooth slide effect up and down the strings.  Also – their rough and ready appearance looks pretty cool as well, and has a highly “authentic” feel in terms of the origins of homebuilt instruments such as the Cigar Box Guitar and the Diddley Bow – which are our key inspirations.

Glass guitar slide from our series of Salvage Sounds slides

Most of our Bottleneck Slides are green glass – though we may have a small number of clear or brown glass available so please let us know if you have a particular preference.  We have three different length options: “Extra Long” – around 70 mm and more like an over-sized traditional guitar slide, “Standard” which is around 50-55 mm similar to our Starter Slide lengths (also suitable for conventional 6-string guitars), and “Stubby”.  Our Stubby Slide is only around 40-45 mm in length but its shorter length makes it perfect for our 2-4 string range of instruments with their 30-40 mm wide necks, and can provide increased dexterity for the player – particularly in making it easier to hit individual strings.

As with our Starter Slides, there is a price discount for combined purchases if you would like more than one type.  Additionally, the delivery charge for all our slide options can cover multiple slides per order.  Free collection in the Worthing area.

Any 2 for £8
Any 3 for £10
Delivery (UK mainland) £1.95