Electro-acoustic Cigar Box ukes by Salvage Sounds. Shown here played unplugged. These little chaps pack quite a punch that belies their small size. (Video credit: The Man Trout). £80 (only 1 available) 


Travel-size mini Cigar Box Guitars, with a clean fretless design and beautiful timbre. Only 2 made. £40


We have built a very special Deluxe version of the 3 string Cigar Box Guitar featured in the video below, in a limited edition run of just 2 instruments. £150 (plus 2 in an alternate style)


Showing why our Pencil case strumstick makes for the perfect Christmas gift. £50


This was a test clip made of one of our Land of Lincoln series License Plate Guitars the day before the customer picked her up. We produce these awesome sounding instruments in a choice of great colours. £180