Give us an old cigar box (or similar), and we will give you a unique 1-of-a-kind beautiful ukulele
From this… to this……

Cigar Box Ukulele (upright)

There is no denying the popularity of the humble ukulele has soared in recent times.  From being taught in schools at a young age, to ukulele “orchestras” and community groups, the instrument is everywhere and it is not uncommon for a family household to feature more than one.  So make yours stand out from the crowd with our B.Y.O.B. (bring your own box!) “Your uke” service.

Do you have an old wooden box literally lying around taking space with no particular purpose?  Or perhaps a box that has some meaning of significance that you would like to give new life?  Leave it with us and we will transform it into a wholly unique and beautiful instrument.

Each ukulele is fitted with rosewood bridge-piece, bone saddle and nut for improved tone and sustain (most shop-bought ukuleles use plastic – though if that is your preference, please say), Mother of Pearl fretboard inlays, and top quality D’addario Pro Arté Titanium strings.

Cigar Box Ukulele (horizontal)

For tuning pegs, as standard we fit geared machine heads as pictured… though if you prefer your ukuleles not to have “ears” then we will happily fit friction tuners instead, as used on more traditional ukuleles (and as we use for both our fretless canjo and pencil case strumstick).

Our design is like a hybrid of a Soprano and a Concert ukulele.  The simplicity of a Soprano with its 12 frets, while using the slightly wider Concert fret spacing for more comfortable playing (those bar chords become easier).

Further customise your own individual instrument with a choice of three neck finishes.  Light as per our license plate resonator and cigar box guitars, medium as per our pencil case strumstick, or dark as per the ukulele pictured (and similar to our fretless canjo).

Due to the costs involved both delivering to us, and returning it completed as a newborn uke, we are currently only offering this as a drop-off and collect service.  However, feel free to contact us and we can see if there are other options if you are outside the Worthing area.

  • Minimum box dimensions required: 4 cm deep, 12 cm wide, 21 cm long


Another local service we offer is “ukulele electrification”.  Leave your (or your child’s) cheap, starter ukulele with us and we will fit an internal pickup and output jack to allow it to be connected to a guitar amplifier, an effects unit or a mixing desk.

Electric ukulele service
Don’t worry, your ukulele won’t be returned with stickers of My Chemical Romance all over it!